Why Break the Silence?

Food has a critical role to play in just about every aspect of society: our health, the planet, how we treat workers and animals, not to mention, our very survival. My guiding principle is integrity. There is so much bullshit being shoveled that it's distracting us from what's really going on and how to fix it.

Relatedly, employers are trying to silence anyone who speaks out, often aided by legal mechanisms such as NDAs. But the tide is turning, the truth is starting to be revealed, and it’s critical we tell the truth. The problems are not just in food companies, they are also happening among the very non-profits who profess to saving the world. This newsletter is for everyone who is being silenced.

Why me?

I am an attorney who has spent my entire career exposing BS in the food industry. (More about me here.) I am also a workplace trauma survivor who lives with being legally forced to stay silent every day. I have spoken to many others in my situation. This has to change. It’s time to break the silence. Do you need help with your toxic workplace situation? Want advice on finding the right attorney? Help with NDAs? Check out my website: www.michelersimon.com/coaching

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I call out BS as I see it, especially in the "food tech" arena. Also about how employers try to silence their workers in myriad ways, especially in vegan advocacy organizations, food start-ups, and established companies.


I am a public health attorney who wants to break the silence. A workplace trauma survivor, I am legally unable to tell my story. I write about attempts to silence workers and any other BS I feel compelled to share, especially in the vegan movement.